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Your eligibility is determined by your income and other non-financial eligibility rules. Most people who are enrolled in CalWORKs or the County Adult Assistance Program (CAAP) are eligible, but so are other low-income San Francisco residents.

Here are some of the guidelines to help see if you qualify for CalFresh:

Gross Income

Your monthly gross income (before deductions) must be no more than the following, based on the size of the CalFresh household:

               Maximum Gross Income for CalFresh Eligibility










Each addt'l

Monthly income  $1211  $1640  $2069  $2498  $2927  $3356  $3785 $4214 +$429
Maximum benefit  $200  $367  $526  $668  $793  $952  $1052  $1202 +$150

Please note that CalFresh households where all adults are elderly (60 and over) or permanently disabled do not have to pass the gross income test, but they still need to pass a net income test. Also, "maximum benefit" means a benefit for a household with little or no income. The actual benefit will be based on household income and allowable deductions.

Who Must Be included in the Application?

Anyone who eats together.

Also, the following are automatically included:

  • Husbands and wives
  • Parents
  • Children under age 22


Effective February 1st, 2011 all CalFresh (Food Stamps) households are exempt from the resource test.  Resources include money in bank accounts, cash on hand, stocks and bonds, etc.  Resources also include the value of real estate, autos, and retirement accounts.  You will no longer need to answer questions regarding resources when applying or renewing for CalFresh benefits.

Income generated by resources, including bank interests, dividends, rental income, etc is counted to determine the household's total gross income.


You must be a resident (including a homeless resident) of the county where you apply for CalFresh.


Noncitizens who are legal permanent residents can qualify for CalFresh. Immigration Services does not regard someone receiving CalFresh to be a "public charge." Some sponsored noncitizens must report their sponsor's income to qualify, unless they are exempt from the sponsorship rules. You can discuss this with an eligibility worker. Also, any noncitizen can withdraw from CalFresh application and apply only for other family members. Undocumented parents can apply for their citizen children.

SSI Recipients

SSI/SSP recipients are not eligible for CalFresh.

For more information, download the CalFresh Fact Sheet, use the USDA's self screening tool to see if you are eligible, or call the Food Assistance call center at (415) 558-1001 to speak with a worker.