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Making Workforce Investments Work:
An SF ECE Workforce Think Tank

A convening of experts to inform a strategic approach to addressing the changing needs of SF's Early Care and Education Workforce
(Click here for Meeting Materials and Minutes)

March 18, 2008


To improve the supports for the San Francisco Early Care and Education workforce caring for children in licensed settings in order to ensure that public/private investments be strategic, efficient and effective in achieving the goals of improving educational attainment, recruitment and retention.  This process is an opportunity to step back and align the city's efforts and develop a joint vision for the future. The aim is to analyze major issues and strategize innovative, viable directions which will lead to a longer term solution for change.
Guiding Principles:
  • We seek to support the ECE workforce, which is historically underpaid and undervalued, but has increasingly become integral to the public sector strategy for success in school readiness and family self-sufficiency.
  • The single biggest determinant in child care quality is the quality of the caregiver. We value the role of a diverse, culturally competent and well trained and well compensated child care workforce in improving child outcomes and supporting working families.
  • The increasing demands on the workforce for increasing professional development and degree attainment must recognize the attainment with compensation or we will lose the members of the workforce who advance themselves to K-12 or other opportunities.
  • Existing investments may not be achieving the collective goal due lack of a common understanding of what the collective goal should be.
  • Investments must be strategic - both effective and streamlined in administrative effort.
  • (additional guiding principles will be added by the group)

The Process

The proposed planning process is expected to be approximately 6-8 meetings (anticipated to be half-day with perhaps one full day retreat) of a group of stakeholders (see attached proposed list of SF ECE Workforce Think Tank invitees) over a seven or eight month period.   Participants are asked to commit to the process.  In addition to the public and private organizational representatives, field experts will be invited including those with research experience in the field.  The possibility of paid facilitation is currently being explored.  HSA-DHS Program Manager, Michele Rutherford, will chair the process on behalf of the city departments and an HSA-DHS planning analyst will staff the process with assistance from other think tank members. An "accordion" planning process will be used in order to directly gather input and feedback from key stakeholder groups (see attached Stakeholder Group list) through presentation and discussion with the larger body (i.e., SF Family Child Care Association).  In addition, members representing various stakeholder groups will provide the conduit for input and feedback into strategies, options, and priorities.

SF ECE Workforce Think Tank Participants

  • CPAC Workforce Committee (Natalie Brutto - Chair/WAGES+ FCC and Graham Dobson, CPAC Coordinator)
  • Title 5 (Representative of the Title 5 Contractor Group TBD)
  • Private center (Lynn Canter-Levy - Marin Day School)
  • SF Providers Association representative (Amanda Montague)
  • SF Family Child Care Association (Monique Guidry, President)
  • SF CARES (David Fleishman)
  • SF Mentor Programs (Sheila Norman)
  • City College (Kathy White, or designee)
  • SFSU (Jay Peretta)
  • SFUSD/Title 5 Public agency (Lisa Kaufman or designee)
  • Headstart (Juanita Santana or designee)
  • HSA-DHS (Michele Rutherford, Program Mgr.- Child Care Policy and Planning, Elise Crane - Policy Analyst/WAGES+)
  • DCYF (September Jarrett, Mardi Lucich)
  • SF First Five (Laurel Kloomok, Gloria Corral)
  • Miriam and Peter Haas Foundation (Lynn Merz)
  • Union Representative (First Five Commissioner Robinson-Harris)
  • HSA Staff Analyst Support (Sarah Crow)

The proposed stakeholders groups to provide additional input include:

  • Family Child Care Association
  • SF Child Care Providers Association
  • Preschool For All Advisory
  • Child Care Planning and Advisory Council (CPAC)

Additional key experts (invited)

  • UC-Berkeley, Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (Marcy Whitebook or Fran Kipnis) (Confirmed)
  • Organizer of original CARES initiative and ECE Consultant - Norman Yee
  • Yolanda Garcia - (Santa Clara Professional Development Institute) (Confirmed)