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Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP) Programs

Please note that funding for HPRP will expire as of June 30th, 2012.  Some agencies are no longer accepting new client referrals - please see the table of agencies below for information.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has granted San Francisco $8.75 million as part of their Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP) Program.  The program stems from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which is focused on jumpstarting the economy, creating and saving jobs and laying the foundation for a robust, sustainable future.  Part of this goal is investing to prevent homelessness and facilitating the quick re-housing of homeless people, while partnering with mainstream services and other ARRA-funded programs.

Grants provided under HPRP are not intended to provide long-term support for individuals and families, nor will they afford mortgage assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure. Rather, HPRP offers a variety of one-time, short and medium term financial assistance to those who would otherwise become homeless, many due to sudden economic crisis. 

Services that can be provided under HPRP include:
(1) Financial Assistance Services: Short term (1-3 months) and medium term (4-18 months) rental subsidies, rental arrears, security deposits, utility deposits, utility payments, and moving cost assistance.

(2) Housing Stabilization Services: Services that assist program participants with housing stability and placement.  Activities include case management, outreach and engagement, eligibility assessment, housing search and placement, legal services, and credit repair.

Payments will not be made directly to households, but only to third parties, such as landlords or utility companies.

In order to be eligible for HPRP-funded programs, applicants must be San Francisco residents and meet the following basic eligibility criteria:

Homeless Prevention (note that these funds are for people who are currently housed and at risk of losing housing, not people who are already homeless)
Households whose income is 35% AMI or below and who would become homeless but for this assistance.  Households must have the ability to obtain and/or maintain stable housing through supportive services and direct financial assistance offered by the program, and successfully transition from services when the temporary assistance ends.
Be at risk of losing housing and meet both of the following circumstances:

  • No appropriate subsequent housing options have been identified; AND
  • The household lacks the financial resources and support networks needed to obtain immediate housing or remain in its existing housing.

Rapid Rehousing
Households that:

  • Meet the HUD-McKinney definition of homelessness (coming from street, shelter, or Transitional Housing/Treatment Programs)
  • Have a moderate barrier to housing; and
  • Have likelihood to transition out of the subsidy into affordable housing within a 15 or 18 month period.

All households must complete an initial assessment with an HPRP provider who can determine eligibility and the appropriate type of assistance to meet their needs.  There may be additional criteria for each program.  Please consult the HPRP Screening Form (attached) to determine basic eligibility and for HPRP provider contact information.  Note that programs provide different service activities to different populations (e.g. families, singles, and youth).

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for HPRP Homeless Prevention, you must:
  • Be a San Francisco resident
  • Have annual income at or below 35% Area Median Income (AMI)

Please use 35% AMI figures in determining eligibility for HPRP services.



















  • Have at least one risk factor (see screening form)
  • Be in need of one of the services funded by HPRP

If you think you may be eligible, please complete the screening form and contact one of the service providers listed at the bottom of the form.

Agencies providing services:



 Tenderloin Housing Clinic


Short and medium term rental subsidies; Back rent;
Outreach and engagement, case management, housing
search and placement services; security deposits (to be
made available for clients who will be assisted with a
rental subsidy ONLY)

 Catholic Charities CYO

  • Hamilton Family Center


Short and medium term rental subsidies; Back rent;
Outreach and engagement, case management, housing
search and placement services, credit repair, security
and utility deposits, utility payments, moving costs

 Eviction Defense Collaborative

  • AIDS Housing Alliance
  • AIDS Legal Referral Program
  • Volunteer Legal Services Program


Short and medium term rental subsidies; Back rent;
outreach and engagement, case management, housing
search and placement services, legal services, credit
repair, security and utility deposits, utility payments,
moving costs; Back Rent

 SF Rental Assistance Programs

Back rent; outreach and engagement, security deposits
for tenants moving into Section 8 or a Housing Authority
unit, and utility deposits, utility payments if they are
ineligible for mainstream assistance, moving costs.