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Long Term Care Integration (LTCI) is defined as the integration of home and community-based long term care services with the delivery of primary and acute care services, and institutional long term care services, for older adults and adults with disabilities.

The Department of Aging and Adult Services, in collaboration with the Department of Public Health, the Long Term Care Coordinating Council, San Francisco Health Plan, Anthem Blue Cross, and an LTCI Design Group, will: (1) explore the potential for Long Term Care Integration (LTCI); (2) determine what is required to improve the provision of long term services and supports that will benefit Medi-Cal eligible older adults and adults with disabilities; and (3) develop a strategic plan with recommendations to guide improvements in the organization, availability, and financing of long term services and supports.

Long Term Care Integration (LTCI) may include:

  1. Consolidating preventive, primary, acute, long term care, and home and community-based services, and possibly funding.
  2. Emphasizing home and community-based services to allow people to remain in the community.
  3. Allowance for more local control and flexibility.
  4. Elimination of administrative duplication and complexity.
  5. Enhanced assessment, care planning, and medical management.
  6. Establishing smooth transitions between levels of care.
  7. Improving service delivery and access to care.

For more information, contact Bill Haskell at (415) 355-6782 or bill.haskell@sfgov.org.

LTCI Design Group

The LTCI Design Group is the primary body charged with exploring the potential for LTCI. It will develop the strategic plan that will guide the improved organization, availability, and financing of long term care services and supports.

Finance Subcommittee

The Finance Subcommittee looks at the current inventory of funds and resources that support services which may be provided by, contracted by, or coordinated with managed care health plans, and explores realignment to create a seamless financing system.

Scope of Services and Service Delivery Subcommittee

The Scope of Services and Service Delivery Subcommittee looks at existing long term services and supports, determines other needed services to be provided under LTCI, and explores integration with the current delivery system.

Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee establishes a process for communicating the on-going work of the LTCI investigation and explores the best communication mechanisms to inform people across San Francisco about LTCI.