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Do you or someone you know have a problem with hoarding and cluttering? Everyone has trouble throwing things away or keeping their home clean sometimes. However, people who suffer from hoarding and cluttering may have so many possessions that they are stacked to the ceiling, may be unable to use much or all of their living space due to their possessions being in the way, and may jeopardize their housing due to health and safety code violations.

Many people with hoarding and cluttering issues are ashamed and isolated. But you are not the only person with this problem, and help is available.

We offer social support services for hoarders and clutterers who live in San Francisco to improve quality of life and prevent eviction and homelessness.

Services include:

  • Weekly support groups led by a mental health professional.
  • Six-week treatment groups for hoarders and clutterers who want to set clear goals and work through treatment. The groups meet weekly and are led by a clinical therapist with expertise in cognitive behavioral interventions.
  • Information and referral services to hoarders and clutterers, their family members and service providers.
  • Annual conference on compulsive hoarding open to professionals, hoarders, city employees and family members.

In addition, the Department of Aging and Adult Services and the Mental Health Association of San Francisco have formed the San Francisco Task Force on Compulsive Hoarding. The goal of the task force is to identify gaps in services, design strategies to reduce eviction, raise community awareness about the complexities of hoarding behavior and improve the quality of life for those who compulsively hoard and clutter. The Task Force will issue a report including data on the scope of the problem, best practices, and policy recommendations for what is needed to improve the quality of life and prevent eviction and homelessness of hoarders.

The Mental Health Association also offers trainings to In-Home Supportive Services workers, nurses, family members and other professionals on hoarding and cluttering issues.

For More Information

Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHA-SF)

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