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Human Services Agency of San Francisco
Department of Aging & Adult Services * Department of Human Services

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HSA E-mail: HSA Webmaster

You can dial 3-1-1 to reach the Citywide Call Center and have your call directed to the appropriate office or individual at HSA.

Or you can reach us at:

Department of Human Services

(415) 557-5000

Department of Aging and Adult Services

(415) 355-3555 or (415) 355-6756 (TTY)

Or, view the phone book for all city employees.


All HSA employees can be reached by email at FirstName.LastName@sfgov.org

Main Administrative Office:

City and County of San Francisco Human Services Agency
170 Otis Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 7988
San Francisco, CA 94120-7988

To Make a Complaint About Discrimination

Human Services Agency clients may file complaints of discrimination with the Human Services Agency Office of Civil Rights in writing by letter or completing Form 8019, Complaint of Discriminatory Treatment, or by leaving a message on one of the Multilingual Complaint Lines listed below. This process is separate from the State or County Fair Hearing process, which addresses benefits issues.

Office of Civil Rights Multilingual Complaint Lines

(415) 557-6574 (English and any language not listed below)
(415) 557-5062 (Spanish)
(415) 557-5103 (Vietnamese)
(415) 557-5023 (Chinese)
(415) 557-5066 (Russian)
(415) 557-5119 (Tagalog)

Reporting Fraud

If you believe someone is receiving San Francisco public assistance program benefits to which they are not entitled, you may report suspected fraud by calling the fraud hotline at (415) 557-5771.

State Hearings

Applicants and recipients of state and federally funded aid programs (CalWORKS, Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, In Home Support Services, etc.) who are dissatisfied with an action taken in their case can appeal the action by applying for an administrative fair hearing. Requests for a hearing can be made by calling the State Department of Social Services at (800) 952-5253. Written requests for a hearing can be made to the HSA Appeals Unit at S600, P.O. Box 7988, San Francisco, CA 94120-7988.

CAAP Fair Hearings

In the County Adult Assistance Programs, aid applicants and recipients may appeal the withholding, discontinuance, or denial of benefits, or the recoupment of overpayments. To request a hearing, call (415) 558-1177 (24 hours) or mail a written request to CAAP Fair Hearings #WS20, P.O. Box 7988, San Francisco, CA 94120



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