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Family Reunification Services

Family Reunification (FR) services are time-limited intervention and support services provided to parents and to children who have been removed from the home. These services are designed to make the family environment safe for the child to return.  A reunification plan is agreed to by the parents and the Family and Children's Services social worker, and services are made available to parents.  The FR plan must be satisfactorily fulfilled in order for the child to be reunified with his/her family.

Permanency Planning

If the child becomes a dependent of the court, that is when a court orders services for the child, Family and Children's Services staff from the Human Services Agency will begin working with the family to develop a permanent placement plan for the child. Safely reunifying the child with his or her parents is always the first outcome that HSA tries to achieve. However, concurrent planning to identify other permanent placement options occurs so that there is a back up plan if reunification fails. In those instances where a child cannot be reunited with his or her parents, another permanency plan is developed.