2022 Aging and Disability Affordable Housing Community Needs Assessment

The Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) conducts the Affordable Housing Needs Assessment every three years in partnership with other city agencies. The Assessment helps us to understand the housing needs for low and moderate-income older people and adults with disabilities and recommend improvements to the affordable housing system.

View the 2022 Affordable Housing Needs Assessment report—the City’s first.  The report is based on community input from a citywide survey, community forums, focus groups, and in-depth interviews, as well as on population and service data. 

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About the Affordable Housing Needs Assessment and Pipeline Report

The Needs Assessment is conducted in partnership with the Mayor’s Office on Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), the Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD), the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH), and the SFHSA Planning Department. NOTE: Although DAS conducts the Needs Assessment, SFHSA does not provide housing.

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