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Emergency COVID-19 Rental Assistance Programs

If you have been unable to pay your rent during COVID-19, you may qualify for emergency rental assistance from the State of California and the City and County of San Francisco. Both programs help prevent eviction of our most vulnerable residents, regardless of citizenship status.

We urge you to apply for one or both programs based on the months that you were unable to pay your rent: 

  • California's program covers rent due between April 2020 and March 2021. This program offers more assistance paying back-rent if the landlord cooperates and applies for the program with a tenant. The program also pays for utility costs during this time period.
  • San Francisco's program covers rent due in April 2021 and the following months. This program will pay up to three months back-rent owed and three months forward rent. The program lasts until June 30, 2021, when the state moratorium on evictions ends.

Eligibility for both programs

To qualify, one or more individuals of your household must be low-income and: 

  • Have experienced a reduction in household income, qualified for unemployment benefits, difficulties meeting your expenses, or experienced other financial challenges during COVID-19 or due to COVD-19.
  • Demonstrate a risk of losing your housing by providing a past-due rent notice, eviction notice, or proof of unsafe or unhealthy living conditions.
  • Have a household income at or below $102,450 for an individual or $146,350 for a family of four.

Please note: The City will prioritize applications from those who are especially vulnerable to being unhoused due to certain economic and social factors. Rental assistance is not based on a first-come, first-served basis. 

How to apply

Need assistance with your application?

Call 3-1-1 to request help with completing state and City applications from a community partner organization.

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