When you become a resource foster parent in the City, you allow a child to maintain those connections while building positive new ones. You’ll see the child placed in your care learn, trust, and grow in extraordinary ways.

Who can foster: You don’t have to be wealthy, married, own a home, or employed in a traditional 9-5 job to qualify. We welcome all eligible applicants including women and men, LGBTQ+, couples, singles, people from all ethnicities and backgrounds, and older adults.

We’re here to help: SFHSA guides you through every step of the entire foster care process. We also provide financial reimbursement, as well as medical, mental health, and educational support for your foster child.

Rather adopt?  We help with that too. Ask us about foster youth who are eligible for adoption and need a permanent home.  

Not ready to foster or adopt?  Consider mentoring: Volunteer for just a few hours a week to provide the guidance and care that can change a foster youth’s life.

Learn more about fostering, adopting, and mentoring from our Foster-SF website

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