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Families Rising Program Eligibility

Families may be referred to the Families Rising program through their participation in CalWORKs or their Public Health Nurse.

When families enter the program they must be eligible for and enrolled in CalWORKs*, and are either pregnant, parenting or a caretaker relative of a child less than 24 months; AND all children in the household are aged two and under (no child in the family may have reached their 3rd birthday at the point of referral).  

If you believe you meet the criteria listed above, you may inquire with your CalWORKs worker, the CalWORKs Service Center, or your Public Health Nurse for additional information.

*The CalWORKs income limit varies depending on family size but, for a family of three, the maximum is around $1,300.  There are other complex eligibility factors that may affect eligibility, so not all referred families will qualify.


If you have questions regarding Families Rising eligibility, please contact our program staff.

Phone: (855) 415-7500
Email:  FamiliesRising@sfgov.org