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JobsNOW! Employer Testimonials

Hear how we have helped employers find qualified job applicants and grow their businesses.

Mountain Taylor at Allied Universal

"JobsNOW! is a no brainer for any Company. The staff is great at prescreening people for me, and provide me with a host of qualified candidates whenever I ask. I factor them in to all of my recruitment strategies as a valued community partner."

Theresa Lee at Future Glory

"JobsNOW! is a great city program where they help unemployed individuals and businesses connect. It's a win-win situation and we're happy to know there is a great resource to help San Francisco's economy thrive."

Marjorie Lovell at Galindo Installation & Moving Services

"It has been a pleasure working with Esther Calvillo of the San Francisco JobsNOW! program. I really get the feeling that she cares about the community, and is personally invested in finding good jobs for people in San Francisco. She has had her own small business, so she has a first hand understanding of all the different issues a small business encounters. She gave us practical suggestions, and was responsive to our questions and concerns. I was quite impressed with this program and look forward to working with JobsNOW!." 

Sara Leaverton at Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth

"Coleman Advocates has been a proud partner of JobsNOW! for over five years. We have had many positive experiences with the clients that come out of their program. They do a good job providing their clients with the skills for real-world work, and Coleman has been able to facilitate the transition for many of these people into the workforce. JobsNOW! also provides fantastic support and checks for their clients to ensure they, and their employer, have a fruitful experience."

Anthony Lenos at Play Rugby USA

“David, my JobsNOW! intern(employee) was an outstanding asset to Play Rugby USA. He did a great job of engaging in our organizational culture, as well as the culture of the schools that he worked in. The reimbursement process was extremely easy, and painless. The JobsNOW! program provided us with a valuable asset, at little to no cost. I would highly recommend the program to any Non-Profit in the San Francisco area.”

Mikail Price at Pestec Integrated Pest Management

“Pestec has been partnering with the JobsNOW! program for over two years now, and they have made the recruitment process both delightful and straightforward. They bring us quality candidates who have been thoroughly prepared for the interviews. The JobsNOW! team is very professional and passionate about the work they do, and our company will continue to use them as a resource for sure!”

Eliza Hidalgo at Managed By Q

“Managed by Q works closely with other organizations around the Bay Area and JobsNOW! is an excellent partner to our company. Their representatives are very communicative and understanding of the busy schedules many of us lead! On top of being great partners, the program itself aims at providing the right fit for companies by training applicants on basic job skills, resume building, and interviewing. The job fairs are well coordinated and allow for applicants and organizations alike to make new connections.”

Daniel Aguilar - FedEX Ground

“Working the JobsNOW! program has been a tremendous experience! We receive great candidates with such positive attitudes and lots of experience applicable to roles we are looking to hire for. The staff of the program is AMAZING, always helpful, and always looking to find new innovative ways to help our hiring needs.”

Jaynie Gaye B. Deocampo at The @WORK Group

“JobsNOW! is one of our main sources in getting quality candidates. I have placed reliable, hard-working and competent employees from this program.”