IHSS Care Recipient Hire an IHSS Care Provider


Hire a family member or friend

If you want to hire a friend or family member to be your Care Provider:


Find a Care Provider

Start your search for a Care Provider by viewing the IHSS video (English | Español | 中文) or flyer, then: 

  • Get referred to the Public Authority by IHSS for help with finding a Care Provider.
  • Tell the Public Authority counselor your preferences and care needs when they call.
  • Get a list of five recommended Care Providers from the counselor.
  • Interview them by phone to determine who is the best fit for you. You can call your IHSS Public Authority counselor with questions.

Change Care Providers

If you are no longer working with your assigned Care Provider:

  • Call your IHSS social worker or the IHSS Independent Provider Assistance Center (IPAC) at (415)-557-6200 to tell them your Care Provider’s last day of work.
  • Download or ask IPAC for an Independent Provider Packet (IPP) to hire a new provider.

More resources

Public Authority Mentorship Program offers guidance on hiring and managing your Care Provider.

Supervising Your Provider video (English | Español | 中文) and flyer offer tips on how to communicate effectively with your Care Provider, maintain privacy, and protect personal information.