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Public Administrator

The Public Administrator takes care of the affairs of those who have died and do not have family members able or willing to manage the estate.

When a San Francisco resident dies and there are no family members able or willing to take care of his or her affairs, the Office of the Public Administrator will manage the estate.

The Public Administrator:

  • Searches for family members and wills
  • Arranges for disposition of remains
  • Locates and manages all assets
  • Monitors creditor claims
  • Reviews taxes; and
  • Provides all services necessary to administer each estate through distribution to heirs and beneficiaries.

The work of the Public Administrator is defined by the California Probate Code. The Public Administrator receives and investigates 300 to 500 new referrals each year. In about half of these cases, the Superior Court appoints the department as administrator of the estate.

Estates valued under $50,000 do not have to be administered under supervision of the Court. The PA must petition the Court to serve as Administrator in estates valued at more than $50,000.

The average time span of an estate from referral to final disposition by the court is 2.5 years. Under state law, the department is required to present to the court a detailed accounting of all client assets, debts, payments, obligations, and any other relevant fact regarding the estate.

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