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Public Conservator

The Public Conservator provides psychiatric treatment and services to adults who are gravely disabled due to mental illness and unable or unwilling to accept voluntary treatment.

The Public Conservator provides mental health conservatorship services for San Francisco residents who are gravely disabled (unable to provide for their food, clothing or shelter) due to mental disease and who have been found by the Court unable or unwilling to accept voluntary treatment. Referrals are only accepted from psychiatric hospitals.

Mental health conservatorship is a legal procedure that appoints a conservator of the person to authorize psychiatric treatment. The person must meet the narrow definition of grave disability by reason of a mental disease.

The Public Conservator provides investigation reports to the Superior Court and reports for placement, psychosocial evaluations, medical consents, psychiatric medication consents, supervision of treatment, advocacy, placement and case management of conservatees placed outside of San Francisco County.

Conservatorships are time limited. The Public Conservator operates under the authority and direction of the California Welfare and Institutions Code and the Superior Court.

For more information, call:

(415) 355-3555