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Census 2020 Get Counted in the Census This Year

Your participation helps our city get money for schools, hospitals, roads, and social services for the next 10 years. 

The 2020 Census takes place from mid-March to July 2020. It counts everyone in the U.S. in order to determine federal funding for public services. When we have an accurate count, San Francisco can meet more needs for pubic benefits including CalFresh, Medi-Cal, free school lunches, and Section 8 Housing. 

    It's easier than ever to be counted

    Starting in mid-March, the Census Bureau will mail you information about how to complete and submit the simple, 9-question* Census that's:

    • Convenient:  For the first time, the census can be filled out and submitted online. You can also do it by phone or by mail. 
    • Inclusive: The Census Bureau reaches out to everyone, regardless of where you live or your immigrant status. Starting this year, you can say if you live with a same-sex partner or spouse.
    • Confidential:  The government cannot legally share your answers with any agency or person (not even your landlord).  And, there are no questions about your citizenship status.

    *Plus two questions for each additional member of your household. 

    For more information and help with Census 2020

    • Visit 2020census.gov to view the questions, who gets counted, and the importance of census data to our community.
    • Use the sfcounts.org map to find census help centers that are near you, offer support in your language, and have an LGBTQ+ focus. 
    • Visit DisabilityCounts2020 to learn more about how the census contributes to public services for older adults and adults with disabilities.