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SF Connected Success Stories

Contributed by the Downtown Senior Center, Western Addition Senior Center, Adult Day Services Center, and the 30th Street Senior Center.

“Camille was intrigued to hear about the computer lab and stepped into the Downtown Center out of curiosity. Though she had a basic knowledge of computers, Camille not only learned how to create an email address, but eventually learned how to use her smartphone in various ways, including how to text, save photos, and listen to her beloved Gospel music. She is grateful for the lab and the volunteers that have contributed to the enrichment of seniors.”

“John visited Western Addition Senior Center’s computer lab to get online and follow up on email, while trainers addressed other learners’ questions as they arose. When speaking of becoming more computer savvy, John stated, “You wouldn’t believe the freedom I felt — the handcuffs came off! A computer compresses distance: you can visit people without owning a car.”

“At 95 years old and blind, Ms. S was struggling using a computer since her husband died five years ago. He always helped her change settings or update software. But after attending computer classes at an Adult Day Services Center, she has learned how to use VoiceOver on her iPad Mini, which provides audio for text and images. After a week with her tablet, Ms. S reported that being able to look up new recipes, word definitions, and news articles lifted her out of depression. In addition to her ability to access online information more easily, she said that she's thankful for meeting other people in class and regaining her sense of purpose.”

“James, who didn't have a computer at home, arrived to the Western Addition Senior Center computer lab needing to transfer his poems to Word documents. He has since become a regular visitor to the computer lab and made incremental advances towards his poetic creations, even publishing five poetry books. James relished the opportunity to have access to a computer, printer, and tutors at any given moment, saying “I appreciate having the youngsters from the college and the regular tutors here to help me when I need assistance.” 

“Alejandrina arrived at On Lok’s 30th Street Senior Center with family photos in her hand. One of her photos was the only photo that showed all her brothers and sisters. She wanted to send copies to her siblings but was afraid the photos might get lost in the mail. She had heard about scanners but had never used one. And she thought they were too expensive. But that day Alejandrina walked out of the senior center smiling and holding a flash drive containing copies of her photos.”