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Great Plates Delivered Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Great Plates Delivered program? 
Great Plates Delivered SF will deliver three, free restaurant meals a day to older adults in San Francisco who are at heightened risk due to COVID-19 and are unable to obtain or prepare meals on their own while sheltering in place during COVID-19. The program has been extended through August 9, 2020

2. Who qualifies?
Great Plates delivered SF will serve older adults who meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Aged 65 and older, as well as older adults who are aged 60-64 and in high-risk categories (i.e., people who have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, have been exposed to COVID-19, or who have underlying health conditions).
  • Unable to obtain or make their own meals.
  • Living alone or with one other adult who also meets these criteria.
  • Earning less than $74,940 for single-person households or $101,460 for two-person households.
  • Living in San Francisco.

Older adults who currently receive state or federal food assistance such as CalFresh or home-delivered meals should contact the Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) helpline at (415) 355-6700 to understand their eligibility for this program or other assistance.

3. How do I sign up? 

4. What does it cost?
Great Plates Delivered participants will receive up to three free meals daily from a local restaurant. Once enrolled, participants do not have to directly order meals. Instead, the food vendor will reach out to arrange meal delivery and to discuss any food allergies or dietary restrictions that must be accommodated. Deliveries will be contactless for safety, and all individuals delivering meals are subject to background checks.

5. Can I pick the restaurant?
No, clients do not directly order meals. Meals are provided by local restaurants that have entered into a partnership with the City and County of San Francisco specifically for this program. Once enrolled, Great Plates Delivered clients will be contacted directly by a verified food vendor to set up meal delivery and discuss any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

6. What if I have an issue with my delivery, who do I contact?
The City is partnering with SF New Deal and Off the Grid to provide meals to Great Plates Delivered SF clients. If you are receiving meals through Great Plates Delivered SF and have an issue with your delivery, please call the vendor who provided your meals. You can contact SF New Deal customer service at (415) 480-1185 or Off the Grid at (415) 496-9545. If you are not sure who your vendor is, please contact the DAS helpline: (415) 355-6700.

7. Do I need documentation or other verification to prove I'm eligible? 
To see if you are eligible for the program, call (415) 355-6700. You will be asked a series of questions to determine eligibility. No documentation is necessary.

8. I'm on another food program, should I get off of it?
No—if you are currently receiving CalFresh or home-delivered meals through a different program, don’t leave it! Those programs can have waiting lists, and this program is for a limited time only. Currently, Great Plates Delivered is only funded through August 9, 2020. 

9. What if I'm not eligible for Great Plates Delivered but need food assistance? 

  • Call 311 for information about available resources and for help identifying the right options for your circumstances. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Visit sf.gov/get-food-resources to find information about pop-up food pantries, home-delivered or take-away meals, and other food resources for you or your family.
  • Apply for CalFresh food benefits, which can help you pay for groceries at the store, farmers market, and even online. Apply today at GetCalFresh.org.