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Home-Delivered Groceries

The Home-Delivered Groceries program delivers groceries directly to the homes of older adults and adults with disabilities.

The intent of this program is to address the issue of hunger among older adults by:

  • Providing home--delivered grocery bags to low-income older adults with limited mobility and in need of additional food resources, ensuring access to healthy supplemental food sources and enhancing the nutritional value of their food intake;
  • Assisting program participants in maintaining their independence, quality of life, and self-sufficiency;
  • Increasing availability of and accessibility to fresh, seasonal produce and other healthy food products.

For information on eligibility or other details, please call Our Integrated Intake and Referral Unit at 415-355-6700 or visit the SF-Marin Food Bank website.

About the Problem

The percentage of the national population age 60 and older that faces the threat of hunger has increased by 45% over the last decade. In California, an estimated 16.3% older adults still face the threat of hunger. Malnutrition in seniors and adults with disabilities can lead to unsafe weight loss and loss of strength, as well as greater susceptibility to disease, confusion and disorientation. Older adults at nutritional risk tend to make more visits to physicians, hospitals, and emergency rooms. Poor nutritional status is also associated with increased mortality for patients in hospitals, a higher rate of discharge to nursing homes, and a longer length of stay. Disabilities and functional impairments that create barriers to shopping and cooking is a cause of malnutrition.