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CalWORKs Benefits

CalWORKs provides cash assistance and various services based on their eligibility. The amount of a family's monthly cash assistance payment depends on a number of factors, including the family's income, the number of eligible people, and the special needs of those family members.

In most cases, all family members on CalWORKs who are 18 or older must work or participate in the CalWORKs Welfare to Work employment program. We'll will work with you to follow an individualized employment plan. Even after you have found a job, you may be able to receive other services, such as child care, that will help you stay employed and move to a better-paying job.

CalWORKs services based on eligibility

Cash assistance

  • Financial support: For up to 48 months, accessible using an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which can be used at various surcharge free ATMs throughout San Francisco. See a list of surcharge free banks in California
  • Diversion: A one-time cash or non-cash assistance to secure or retain employment and to avoid the need for ongoing public assistance. 
  • Immigrant support: Refugee cash assistance and assistance to noncitizen victims of trafficking, domestic violence, and other serious crimes

Child care and parenting

  • Child care: Free or subsidized child care services.
  • Free diapers: For children under age three. Learn more
  • Parenting program: Promotes positive parenting, healthy lifestyles, and school attendance for parenting or pregnant teens

Employment and education

  • Employment services: Job placement, training, employment counseling, and access to our JobsNOW! program
  • Job assistance: Money for uniforms, books, or other employment support
  • Education: Support for GED, ESL, and High School Diploma

Food and health

  • Food assistance: Through CalFresh 
  • Health insurance: Through Medi-Cal
  • Counseling: For mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence issues

Housing assistance

  • Housing: For unstably-housed and homeless families and assistance for move-in cost of securing a new residence
  • Housing assistance: Still available by calling (415) 557-5100  or by visiting 170 Otis if the CalWORKs recipient does not have a phone.
  • Eviction prevention: Money to help prevent eviction

Transportation allowance

Free or steeply discounted services: Includes museum admissions, utilities, transportation, kids' recreation activities, groceries, prepared meals, and legal services

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