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Career Assistance Services

If you are a current CalWORKs, JobsNOW!, or CAAP program participant, you may be eligible for additional employment services and trainings at our Workforce Development Centers.

If you are a CalWORKs, JobsNOW!, or County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP) participant, ask your Employment Specialist about additional services that you may qualify for. Special programs are also available to qualified current and former foster youth. Examples of these services are highlighted below. 

Vocational Assessments

Vocational assessments are an excellent way to help you enter the job market or change your career path. Several forms of assessment are available, depending on your language ability, comfort with technology, and individual needs. Some assessments are an analysis of ability in language, computer applications, and manual dexterity. Others provide useful information related to personal characteristics and employment preferences. Assessment professionals administer and interpret these tests and advise the job seeker about how their aptitudes, skills, and personal characteristics align with careers available in San Francisco.

Job Training

We may be able to connect current program participants with community-based non-profit agencies or private schools, which offer vocational and employer-based training programs. There is training in construction, technology, health care, hospitality, and culinary trades, as well as many other options. Some participants may receive additional assistance, including purchase of required tools and uniforms, payment of union dues, job placement services, and other benefits. For information on job training, ask your employment specialist.

Career Advancement

San Franciscans who have successfully participated in the CalWORKs, JobsNOW!, or CAAP employment programs, found jobs and left financial aid, now have access to further services to help them stabilize in their employment and advance in their careers. Training opportunities, career guidance, job placement assistance, and continued educational opportunities are offered to help employed persons obtain better-paying and more satisfying jobs. If you have completed your CalWORKs or CAAP employment program, you will automatically be referred for career advancement services. If you are a former CalWORKs or CAAP participant who would like Career Advancement Services, call CalWORKs at (415) 557-5100 or CAAP at (415) 558-2227 for more information.

Vocational ESL Immersion Program (VIP)

If you are a limited English speaker, learning English is one of the best ways to improve your job prospects.  We provide a specialized program for our CalWORKs and CAAP clients who do not speak English. This program even offers some students an opportunity to receive paid work experience.

While traditional English as a Second language (ESL) programs take from one to three years, our Vocational Immersion Program (VIP) has developed a shorter, intensive English language immersion program focused on teaching the vocabulary and expectations of the workplace. In a series of 18-week, full-time classes, participants progress from the lowest level of language ability to a workable knowledge of English, familiarity with common workplace technology, and an understanding of American workplace culture.

We offer VIP in partnership with San Francisco City College and two community-based organizations - Arriba Juntos and Catholic Charities. This highly successful program has become a model for other cities with large immigrant populations.

For information on VIP, ask your Employment Specialist.

Employment Services for Foster Youth

We work in close partnership First Place for Youth to offer the San Francisco Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) which provides a full range of services designed to assist current and former foster youth ages 16 to 21 who are transitioning into independent living. Youth can participate in ILSP in the following ways: Education and Employment Services, First Foundation, Family Finding and Permanency Services, and events and workshops.

Child Care Services

California and San Francisco fund a broad range of citywide child care programs through our Office of Early Care and Education (OECE). If you are a CalWORKs participant, you may qualify for child care subsidies for the hours you are in work, training, or school as part of an HSA employment program.

Advanced Workforce Development Center Services

In addition to the standard employment services and career resources available through Workforce Development Centers, structured and intensive job readiness workshops and placement assistance services are open to  all current program participants through a referral from your Employment Specialist. Participants exit the center with current résumés reviewed by professionals, a master application form, and experience in interviews provided by a series of mock interview sessions. Upon completion of the workshops, participants are assigned to a Job Club, located at one of the City's Workforce Development Centers to assist them in securing employment. If you have not already been referred to the Workforce Development Center, ask your Employment Specialist for more information.