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Families Rising (FaR) - Formerly Project 500

Families Rising (FaR) helps San Francisco's most at-risk families find meaningful pathways out of poverty that allow them and their future generations to reach their full potential.

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Families Rising Eligibility

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Families Rising Benefits

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FaR is a collective impact initiative led by HSA's Department of Human Services, in collaboration with the Office of Of Early Care and Education (OECE), Department of Public Health, and the Office of Child Support Services. 

FaR implements a two-generation strategy that focuses on improving outcomes for both parent and child by providing parents with employment support and personal coaching to improve economic self-sufficiency and executive function, and providing children with the developmental support they need to arrive at school ready to succeed, while emphasizing the importance of the non-custodial parent in both of these areas.

FaR's integrated system of care is informed by an understanding of behavioral science and the ways in which chronic exposure to poverty-related stress can impact families. By providing intensive resources, wrap-around services, and specialized case management to the most at-risk families, the program aims to give them meaningful pathways up and out of poverty for the family and their future generations. 


FaR reflects a family-centric approach to delivering services by packaging together several evidence-based and promising service interventions that support families in goal-setting and goal attainment. The program focuses on three main areas that will improve families' ability to function independently and within their communities.

  • Reduce external sources of stress: By assisting with meeting basic needs such as food, housing, medical care, and access to behavioral health services, families are able to begin to identify and achieve the goals that will move them toward self-sufficiency.
  • Strengthen responsive relationships:  By helping identify the family’s social circle and building on positive relationships, as well as working on those that may be hindering progress.
  • Build work and life skills: By providing access to education, training, and subsidized employment

By working on these three areas, FaR's goal is to move families from poverty toward self-sufficiency and give family members a sense of positive family well-being.


If you have questions regarding Families Rising benefits or eligibility, please contact our Families Rising program staff:

Phone: (855) 415-7500