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JobsNOW! Programs for Job Seekers

JobsNOW! offers a variety of employment opportunities to current HSA clients of CalWORKs and CAAP as well as qualified youth transitioning out of the foster care system and single adults on CalFresh. JobsNOW! partners with local, private, and nonprofit businesses, City departments, and community based organizations, combining resources that help our program participants succeed in the workplace.

We have helped over 20,000 job seekers find employment since the JobsNOW! program launched in 2009. Below are some of the benefits and services that may be available to participants in our placement programs.

Job Matching Programs

JobsNOW! is designed to help any job seeker, regardless of their previous work experience. General information about our different programs is highlighted below:

  • For those looking for assistance finding employment that fits and expands their skill-set, our Job Match Program allows qualified participants to sign a W2 on their first day and receive $14.00 per hour for 25 hours of work each week. Up to four weeks of services such as job-readiness training, vocational assessment, job skill testing, and enrollment in 5 Keys Charter High School for those who want to work towards their High School Diploma, are also available through this program.
  • Our Community Jobs Program helps those who are new to the workforce gain experience working at non-profit organizations operated by our community based organization partners. In addition to mentoring, case management, and skills training services, participants earn $14.00 per hour for 25 hours of work each week and attend professional development classes for 8 hours each week.
  • We help match participants with recent work experience and strong job skills with positions being offered through one of our JobsNOW! employers participating in our Wage Subsidy Program.
  • With a proven track record of helping organizations find qualified candidates, we can also help job-ready individuals who have already completed one of our JobsNOW! programs find permanent employment through our community network of employers.

Visit one of our Workforce Development Centers, or call our employment hotline at 1-877-JOB1NOW (1-877-562-1669) if you are interested in learning more about programs that you may qualify for.  

Paid Internships

Job seekers who have established some work experience and skills may qualify for one of our JobsNOW! paid internship opportunities. These internships help participants enhance their job skills and make connections that may help lead them to permanent employment.

  • Participants who qualify for our six-month Individualized Training Internship Program (ITIP) are placed with a non-profit organization, where they can earn $14.00 per hour working 35-40 hours per week.
  • Our Public Service Trainee (PST) Program provides a pathway to City jobs and apprenticeships through six-month internships at City and County of San Francisco agencies, with the possibility of two, 3-month extensions. Participants work 32 hours per week and earn $15.12 per hour.


Contact our staff at 1-877-JOB1NOW (1-877-562-1669) if you are interested in learning more about JobsNOW! You may also inquire in person at one of our Workforce Development Centers.