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Public Guardian

The Public Guardian serves adults with disabilities by managing their basic personal and financial needs, such as locating appropriate housing and developing a care plan.

Many San Franciscans have physical and mental limitations that make them unable to handle basic personal and financial needs. The situations of these people vary greatly, but all are highly vulnerable to either physical, emotional, or financial abuse and neglect.

The San Francisco Superior Court, under the authority of the California State Probate Code, can appoint the Public Guardian's office to serve as the conservator to these persons.

The Public Guardian is responsible for:

  • Assessing the physical, mental, and financial needs of the conservatee.
  • Ensuring appropriate medical care, social work services, money management services, and budgeting.
  • Locating appropriate housing or shelter.
  • Establishing eligibility for government and private benefits programs.
  • Developing a comprehensive care plan encompassing both immediate and long-term care. This includes a consistent and thorough review of board-and-care homes, independent living situations, assisted housing, and long-term care facilities.
  • Locating all assets and income and arranging for the storage, sale, and/or disposal of real and personal property through sale, public auction, or disbursement to relatives, when appropriate.
  • Advising, collaborating, conferring, and advocating on behalf of the conservatee to government agencies, private parties, relatives, and any other individual or entity.
  • Securing the client's overall well-being.

The Public Guardian operates under the authority and direction of the California Probate Code and the San Francisco Superior Court to provide conservatorship of persons and estates.

Anyone can make a referral to the Public Guardian. The majority of referrals are from acute hospitals.

For more information, call: (415) 355-3555 or email the Public Guardian referral team at SFPGReferral@sfgov.org.