Benefits and Family Support The Food Access Group

The Food Access Group partners with community organizations to provide free and nutritious food assistance to San Franciscans who need it most. 

The Food Access Group supports free food programs for San Franciscans who need supplementary food assistance, regardless of income and background. the group's programs and grants prioritize equity, dignity, community voice, and culturally appropriate food. 

The group began as part of the San Francisco’s COVID-19 Command Center for coordinating citywide emergency services. During the pandemic, the group reached more than 40,000 people by collaborating with community-based organizations (CBOs) on food programs including the Isolation/Quarantine Food Helpline, Great Plates, Meals in Place SF, and SF-Marin Food Bank’s 20 pop-up pantries.

The group continues to support 30 CBO grantees whose programs prioritize:

  • Fresh, culturally appropriate groceries including fruits, vegetables, protein, and grains
  • Grocery vouchers to increase choice, dignity, and purchasing power
  • Meal vouchers for those with limited access to kitchen space or limited time to prepare meals such as single-room occupancy (SRO) residents and families with children

Partner with the Food Access Group

Would your CBO like to partner with the Food Access Group? If so, explore the upcoming competitive bidding opportunities on the City’s View Events and Place Bids page in winter and fall 2022.  Be sure to choose Human Services Agency in the Department drop down button.