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Disability and Aging Services Commission

This Commission oversees our services related to older adults and adults with disabilities.

The San Francisco Disability and Aging Services Commission, formerly the Aging and Adult Services Commission, is a charter commission of the City and County of San Francisco that provides oversight over the Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS). The Commission's purpose is to formulate, evaluate, and approve goals, objectives, plans, and programs and to set policies consistent with the overall objectives of the City and County that are established by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors. For additional information, review the Commission's full Statement of Purpose and Statement of Incompatible Activities.

The Commission holds a monthly public meeting to carry out its duties. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 9:30 am in Room 416 at City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place. 

Our Commissioners

Martha Knutzen
Nelson Lum
Barbara Sklar
Janet Y. Spears

If you wish to receive Disability and Aging Services Commission monthly agendas and meeting notices, please send an email request to Bridget.Badasow@sfgov.org.

Meeting Information



December 02, 2020, Commission Docket
November 04, 2020, Commission Docket
October 07, 2020, Commission Docket
September 02, 2020, Commission Docket
August 05, 2020, Commission Docket
July 14, 2020, Commission Docket
June 03, 2020, Commission Docket
May 06, 2020, Commission Docket
April 01, 2020, Commission Docket
March 04, 2020, Commission Docket
February 05, 2020, Commission Docket
January 10, 2020, Commission Docket
January 2020 Meeting Changes


December 4, 2019, Commission Docket
November 6, 2019, Commission Docket
October 2, 2019, Commission Docket
September 4, 2019, Commission Docket
August 7, 2019, Commission Docket
July 3, 2019, Cancellation Notice
June 5, 2019, Commission Docket
May 1, 2019, Commission Docket
April 3, 2019, Commission Docket
March 6, 2019, Commission Docket
February 15, 2019 Commission Docket
January and February 2019 Meeting Changes and Cancellations 


December 5, 2018 Commission Docket
November 14, 2018 Commission Docket
November 2018 Commission Meeting Change Notice
October 3, 2018 Commission Docket
September 5, 2018 Commission Docket
August 15, 2018 Commission Docket
August 1, 2018 Meeting Cancellation Notice
June 20, 2018 Commission Docket
June 6, 2018 Commission Docket
May 2, 2018 Commission Docket
April 4, 2018 Joint Public Hearing
April 4, 2018 Meeting Cancellation Notice
March 7, 2018 Commission Docket
February 13, 2018 Commission Docket
January 3, 2018 Commission Docket


December 6, 2017 Commission Docket
November 1, 2017 Commission Docket
October 4, 2017 Commission Docket
September 6, 2017 Commission Docket
August 2, 2017 Meeting Cancellation Notice
July 5, 2017 Commission Docket
June 7, 2017 Commission Docket
May 3, 2017 Commission Docket
April 5, 2017 Commission Docket
March 1, 2017 Meeting Cancellation Notice
February 15, 2017 Commission Docket
February 1, 2017 Commission Docket
January 4, 2017 Commission Docket


December 2016 Meeting Cancellation Notice
November 2, 2016 Commission Docket
October 5, 2016 Commission Docket
September 7, 2016 Commission Docket
August 3, 2016 Commission Docket
July 2016 Meeting Cancellation Notice
June 22, 2016 Commission Docket
June 1, 2016 Commission Docket

For earlier Commission documents, please contact Bridget Badasow, Commission Secretary, at (415) 355-3509

Additional Information

Disability Access

  • City Hall is accessible to persons using wheelchairs and other assistive mobility devices. Ramps are available at the Grove, Van Ness, and McAllister entrances.
  • Assistive listening devices, real time captioning, readers, large print agendas, or other accommodations are available upon request. Please contact Bridget Badasow, Commission Secretary, at (415) 355-3509, at least 48 hours before the meeting for these specific requests.    

Translation Services

  • Sign language interpreters and interpreters for languages other than English are available upon request. Please contact Bridget Badasow, Commission Secretary, at (415) 355-3509, at least 48 hours before the meeting for these specific requests.    

For more information, review the Commission's Accessible Meeting Policy

Subcommittees to the Aging and Adult Services Commission

Disability and Aging Services Joint Legislative Committee

Monitors all relevant Federal, State, and local legislation and makes recommendations on bill positions to the Commission and Advisory Council.

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Nominating Committee for the Department of Aging and Adult Services

Responsible for nominating members to the Department's Advisory Council and Commission.

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Disability and Aging Services Finance Committee

Responsible for reviewing the Department's annual budget proposal and providing recommendations to the Commission.

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For questions about the Commission or Sub-Committees, meetings, access, or agenda items, contact Bridget Badasow, Commission Secretary, at (415) 355-3509.