Working at the Human Services Agency (HSA) Employee Benefits

We've Got You Covered

When you work at HSA, you receive great benefits offered by the City and County of San Francisco, including: 

  • Medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance 
  • Paid vacation, sick days, and holidays
  • Pension plan and retiree benefits
  • Paid and unpaid leave depending on the reason

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After you're on the job, you can request an ergonomic evaluation. Our Health and Safety team will provide the training and equipment for you to safely perform your job. Our team also ensures that you'll retain use of ergonomic equipment regardless of workstation changes.

Employee Well-Being

Your well-being matters to HSA. That's why we promote a healthy lifestyle for all our employees by offering a Diabetes Prevention Program, exercise classes, well-being challenges, and grants for supplies and services that promote a healthy workplace.  

Employee Relations

At HSA, you'll get the help you need navigating a big city agency. Our Employee and Labor Relations Unit is always available to advise and guide you on your job performance, workplace conflicts, union matters, policies, and procedures.

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