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County Veterans Service Office (CVSO)

CVSO helps you get the federal veteran's benefits you are entitled to. We do this by managing your entire claim process and advocating for you with government agencies. Need your military records? We can help with that too. 

Announcement regarding the events in Afghanistan:
Veterans from all eras are reacting to the U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan and the takeover by the Taliban. You are not alone!  View the VA's list of resources for support networks and mental health services. 

We’re open for appointments!
Our office at 2 Gough Street is now open for appointments and limited walk-ins. Call (415) 934-4200 or email SFCVSO@sfgov.org for information or to schedule an in person appointment.         

Meet with us face-to-face in our virtual office: 
We're available for an initial CVSO consult and to help with a claim or fee waivers for college and the DMV. To schedule a virtual meeting, please hit the Schedule Now button below.

    Apply for the benefits below soon. If eligible, you'll receive benefits retroactively.


    Please email the required documents to SFCVSO@sfgov.org or fax to (415) 355-2468.

    Note: If you are a student that does not have a Statement of Non-Filing from the IRS or State Franchise Tax Board, submit form VSD-022 with the fee waiver request. Applicants will be notified by mail if their fee waiver has been approved. 

    Compensation and insurance

    • Burial benefits
    • Dependency and indemnity compensation for survivors
    • Disability Compensation fact sheet
    • Health care enrollment
    • Military Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP)
    • Re-open compensation claim for increase or re-evaluation
    • Service-disabled life Insurance and waiver of premiums
    • Service-related injuries or disabilities
    • Proceeds of government life insurance

    Money and debt management

    • Debt Management
    • Employment and job search resources
    • Home Loans
    • Small Business Administration programs
    • Public assistance


    • Pension fact sheet
    • Pension for wartime veterans with non-service-connected disabilities
    • Survivors’ pension (for war-time only)


    • Discharge upgrade and correction of military records
    • DMV Veteran License Verification
    • Military records and decorations




    Dear fellow veterans,

    As a Gulf War veteran who lost buddies during the war, I share the profound grief and anxiety caused by the end of the conflict in Afghanistan. The San Francisco County Veterans Service Office is committed to making San Francisco a sanctuary for our returning heroes and the ones they love. Please use the You Are Not Alone button below to access useful information and resources from the San Francisco VA Health Care System.

    Thank you for all you do for our country!

    Alfred C, Sims CVSO  

    Veterans In The Know

    What's a VSO and why do I need one? What's a Fully Developed Claim? Is it the best option for me?