Intergenerational Programs

San Francisco's older and younger generations connect to strengthen community, culture, and respect for each other.  

    Intergenerational Programs across the City give older people and adults with disabilities the opportunity to interact with youth and be recognized as valued members of the community. Programs engage both generations to share talents and resources that benefit each other through music, art, cooking, technology training and other types of activities.

    Six community organizations offer Intergenerational Programs with support from the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS).   

    Who can participate

    You can participate in an Intergeneration Program if you are a San Francisco resident, aged 60 or over, or an adult with a disability who is 18 to 59 years old.

    Contact an Intergenerational Programs about their activities

    • Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose Senior Services (BHPMSS), Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center
      Offers Painting, writing, dancing, drumming, storytelling, and a mosaics for the 10-foot monument in the Bayview.  Call (415) 508-0847. 
    • Mission Neighborhood Centers – Mission District
      Celebrates Latino/x culture with music class for preschool children and their parents, cooking classes for youth, and family support with professional facilitators. Call (415) 206-7752.
    • Kimochi – Japantown
      Celebrates Japanese culture, story exchange, pre-school visits and help, and technology training for adults by high school and college students. Call (415) 931-2294.
    • Sequoia Living (formerly Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services) – Japantown
      Offers onsite and virtual classes for older people and adults with disabilities in affordable housing. Includes and technology training by students and English as a Second Language (ESL). Call (415) 922-9700.
    • Lighthouse for the Blind and Visional Impaired – Citywide locations
      Offers Sensing the Seasons, a virtual nature-based education series. Call (415) 4311481.
    • Openhouse – Citywide locations
      Offers intergenerational activities for older people and older adults with disabilities in the LGBTQ community.  Call: (415) 296-8995.