IHSS Care Provider Submit Timesheets & Schedules


Manage electronic & phone timesheets using the Electronic Services Portal to:

  • View your timesheet and payment status
  • Enter and submit timesheets
  • Request additional timesheets
  • Enroll in direct deposit
  • Claim sick leave

Manage paper timesheets: 

  • Keep track of the hours you work.
  • Follow instructions to fill out your timesheet.
  • Make sure you and your Care Recipient sign the timesheet.
  • Make sure your timesheet does not exceed the maximum work hours allowed per Care Provider per week.

NOTE: Electronic timesheets will replace paper timesheets in 2020 
Still using paper timesheets?  Don’t wait! Switch now to speed up payments and avoid postage costs and timesheet errors.  


Overtime & travel time

Request overtime pay: If your Care Recipient needs you to work more than their maximum weekly hours:

  • Your Care Recipient must contact their IHSS social worker to obtain an exception allowing you to work the additional hours.
  • After approval, your Care Recipient adjusts hours to ensure that you don't work more than their authorized monthly services hours. 

Request travel time pay: If you have multiple clients, the state will pay for up to seven hours per week for travel time between clients on the same day. To get paid travel time:

  • Submit SOC 2255 following instructions on the form (English | 中文).
  • Claim your travel time payment on a separate travel claim form that the county will mail you after it receives your SOC 2255.

View the presentation for details on overtime and travel time pay. 


Paid sick leave

You need to accrue enough sick leave to cover your paid time off. You can check your balance of paid sick leave hours on each pay stub. Unused sick leave will expire at the end of the state fiscal year (June 30).  

View submission details to request paid sick leave.