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IHSS Care Recipient Approve Timesheets, Overtime, & Scheudules


Timesheet approval

Beginning in June 2020, all Care Providers will be required to use electronic or telephone-based timesheets, and all Care Recipients will be required to approve timesheets through the electronic or telephone system. If you have not yet signed up, learn more and enroll now.

If you don't have internet access or prefer to use the telephone to approve timesheets, you must sign up for the phone-based system (called Telephone Timesheet System, or TTS). You can use any type of phone to listen to prompts and approve or deny timesheets. Call IHSS at (415) 557-6200 or your IHSS Social Worker to enroll in the Telephone Timesheet System.

The Telephone Timesheet System (TTS) number to approve timesheets is (833) DIAL-EVV or (833) 342-5388.


Schedules for multiple Care Providers

If you have multiple Care Providers, you have the option of using a workweek agreement to keep track of your Care Providers' total hours.

  • Download Workweek Agreement Form SOC 2256: English | Español | 中文 | русский
  • Make sure the total number of hours in the agreement corresponds to your maximum weekly hours.
  • Send the completed and signed SOC 2256 to the IHSS county office.
  • You can always adjust a Care Provider's weekly work schedule, as long as they don't exceed their maximum weekly hours.

Learn more about workweek scheduling or call your IHSS social worker for help.


Overtime requests

To request overtime for your Care Provider, call your IHSS social worker for permission.

View the IHSS Overtime Presentation: English | Español | 中文 | русский.



Free Phone Resources

Need a phone to use to approve timesheets? Contact a cell phone provider below to apply for a free phone with unlimited voice minutes: