In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) IHSS Electronic Timesheets

The City has automatically enrolled all existing and new IHSS Recipients and IHSS Providers in the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS). You may change your TTS passcode and enroll in the online version called the Electronic Services Portal.

For community partners: Visit our Resources page for the tools to help you serve IHSS Recipients and IHSS Providers. 

To use electronic timesheets

  • Online: Visit the IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP) to:
    • Register for electronic timesheets
    • Submit or approve electronic timesheets
    • Submit sick leave and travel time claims
    • Enroll or change direct deposit status
    • Change telephone number
    • Print duplicate W-2
  • By phone: Access Telephone Timesheet System (TTS)
    • Call (833) DIAL-EVV or (833) 342-5388.
    • Accommodations TTS: (844) 576-5445 (for blind or visually impaired IHSS Recipients to "Press or Say TTS", must be set-up by County Social Worker).

For non-live-in Providers - new check-in and check-out of work requirement

Starting July 1, 2023, all non-live-in Providers of IHSS and Waiver Personal Care Services (WPCS) must use the EVV system to check-in at the start of their workday and check-out at the end of their workday from the location where services are provided. 

Note: This requirement does NOT apply to live-in Providers or any IHSS Recipient.

For non-live-in IHSS Providers

  • EVV confirms your location at check-in and check-out when you select “Home”. Your location is NOT tracked throughout the day.
  • If you provide both IHSS and  WPCS services, you’ll need to check-in and check-out for each program seperately.
  • The EVV system has been updated to ensure compliance with this federal requirement.

Learn more.

Direct Deposit: Effective July 1, 2022, IHSS Providers will be required to receive their paycheck by direct deposit

  • Enroll online at ESP or by paper completing the Direct Deposit form (SOC 829)
    • Submit completed SOC 829 form to Provider Enrollment Processing Center, P.O. Box 1697, West Sacramento, CA 95691-6697.
  • IHSS Providers working for more than one IHSS Recipient must complete a separate SOC 829 form or ESP direct deposit enrollment for each IHSS Recipient.

Electronic timesheets materials and support

  • Visit the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).
  • Call the IHSS Service Desk (866)376-7066.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for IHSS Recipients & IHSS Providers English | Español | 中文.

Questions?  Contact IHSS at (866) 376-7066 or (415) 557-6200.

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