IHSS Provider Timesheets, Overtime, & Sick Pay

Overtime & travel time

Request overtime pay: If your IHSS Recipient needs you to work more than their maximum weekly hours:

  • Your IHSS Recipient must contact their IHSS Social Worker to obtain an exception allowing you to work the additional hours.
  • After approval, your IHSS Recipient adjusts hours to ensure that you don't work more than their authorized monthly services hours. 

Request travel time pay: If you have multiple IHSS Recipients, the state will pay for up to seven hours per week for travel time between clients on the same day. To get paid travel time:

  • Submit SOC 2255 form (English | 中文 | Español) either via  
  • After your SOC 2255 form is submitted and processed, travel claims will be available through the Electronic Services Portal (ESP) for ESP users or a travel claim form will be mailed to Telephone Timesheet System users.

View the presentation for details on overtime and travel time pay. 

Sick Leave

1. Regular Paid Sick Leave

IHSS Providers are eligible for sick pay through the IHSS Sick Leave Program. You need to accrue enough sick leave to cover your paid time off. You can check your balance of paid sick leave hours and claim sick leave hours in the  Electronic Services Portal
NOTE: Unused sick leave will expire at the end of the state fiscal year (June 30).  

View rules and submission details to request regular paid sick leave.

2. COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave. IHSS Providers: 

  • May use their sick leave for time away from work and/or to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Can claim COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave with a TEMP 3021 form based on state criteria. Click here for more details.
  • Who are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine exemption may use their sick leave for time away from work to obtain to be tested for COVID-19 infection.
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