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Find an IHSS Recipient

The IHSS Public Authority will help match you with IHSS Recipients if you don't have one in mind:

  • Sign up with the Public Authority Registry after you’ve become an IHSS Provider.
  • Call (415) 243-4477 for more information.

Interested in additional IHSS Provider work? Sign up with the Public Authority just once for more than one IHSS Recipient. Re-enrollment is required only if you have not worked for an IHSS Recipient for more than a year. 

COVID-19 vaccine requirements

IHSS Providers are required to be fully vaccinated and boosted with the COVID-19 vaccine if you are not a live-in IHSS Provider or if you serve nonfamily members. Learn more about the California Department of Public Health notice.

Not Impacted

  • Live-in IHSS Providers serving IHSS Recipients in a single household
  • IHSS Providers serving IHSS Recipients who are family members under a single household


  • IHSS Providers who decline the vaccine based on religious beliefs or who have a qualifying medical reason can request an exemption by completing the COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form and submit it to the IHSS Recipient.

After the IHSS Recipient determines an IHSS Provider has met an exemption criteria, the IHSS Provider must adhere to the state requirements when entering or working in the IHSS Recipient's residence with weekly COVID-19 testing and wearing a surgical mask.

Change of address & phone number (for San Francisco County only)

For IHSS Providers serving San Francisco IHSS Recipients ONLY:


  • Complete the Change of Address and Phone - Form 840 (English | Español | 中文) and
    • Email it to ihsspaymentunits@sfgov.org
    • Or mail it to IHSS Independent Provider Assistance Center (IPAC) N3AX, P.O. Box 7988, San Francisco, CA 94120
    • Or set it in the drop box at IPAC, 77 Otis Street, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

IHSS Recipients must notify their IHSS Social Worker to change their address.

Tax forms: W-4, DE 4, and W-2

Note: Some certified live-in IHSS Providers do not receive Form W-2 because they are exempt from Social Security tax. Learn more about self-certification requirements.

Employment verification

To obtain an employment verification for an outside agency:

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