You may be eligible for temporary housing and food benefits if you have been displaced by a disaster. 

Apply for Disaster CalFresh Food Assistance

If your household experiences food loss due to a wildfire, power outage, or other disasters anywhere in the state, HSA can help you apply for emergency food assistance. Learn more

Apply for Fires Rental Assistance

If you are displaced due to fire damage to your home, you can apply to the HSA Rental Assistance Program. This assistance supports:

  • Tenants of non-rent-controlled units with a one-time payment to cover move-in cost to a new unit. The program makes the payment directly to the landlord of the new unit.
  • Tenants of rent-controlled units with a monthly rent subsidy. The subsidy pays the difference between the rent at the tenant’s permanent residence and a comparable unit leased at the current market rate. The subsidy can last for up to two years, or until the permanent address is ready to reoccupy if sooner. Rent-controlled tenants have the right to return after repairs are completed.

To qualify for the program, you must have:

  • Been displaced by a fire in San Francisco within the past three months
  • A source of income that does not exceed 100% of the Area Median Income (AMI)
  • Liquid assets that do not exceed $60,000 (excluding retirement and college savings accounts, cars, and other property)
  • Already exhausted any benefit from renters or homeowners insurance

For more information or to apply, contact HSAFireResponse@sfgov.org.

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