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Working at the Human Services Agency (HSA) Our Career Paths

Learn about the many career paths at SFHSA where you can work to make a difference.

Eligibility and Employment Services

Work directly with San Franciscans to provide them with critical services from SFHSA’s food, health, and cash assistance programs. You’ll also help people find jobs and get the job training that advances their careers.

Featured Jobs

Senior Eligibility Worker (2905)
Employment and Training Specialist (9703)

Child Welfare Services

Support children and families in cases involving allegations of child abuse or neglect. You’ll assess each case with the skills and cultural sensitivity that ensure families get the support needed to thrive. 

Featured Jobs

Protective Services Worker (2940)
Human Services Technician (2904)

Supportive Services for Adults

Offer older adults, veterans, and people with disabilities safe, in-home services to stay healthy and independent. They’ll get the daily assistance with personal care and chores they need to remain in their own communities.

Featured Jobs

Protective Services Worker (2940)
HSA Social Worker (2918)

Policy and Planning

Collaborate with dedicated colleagues to improve the SFHSA services by joining the ranks of our Analysts and Program Specialists.

Featured Jobs

Program Specialist (2913)
Program Support Analyst (2917)
Administrative Analyst (1822)

Administration and Operations

Ensure smooth business operations for the City’s premier social services agency by working in SFHSA’s Human Resources, Finance, Contracts, or Information Technology (IT) divisions.

Featured Jobs

Clerk (1404)
Accountant (1650) 
Administrative Analyst (1822)
IS Business Analyst (1052)
IT Operations Support Administrator (1091)
Personnel Clerk (1202)
Payroll Clerk (1220)
HR Analyst (1241)
Training Officer (1232)

Interested in a career at SFHSA? We invite you to apply to our open job opportunities or sign up for our Talent Community to stay informed about future opportunities.