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Food Assistance Resources for Older Adults and People with Disabilities 

The San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) coordinates services for older adults, veterans, people with disabilities, and their families to maximize safety, health, and independence. We partner with several community-based organizations to offer the free, food assistance programs below. 

    Home-delivered meals

    This program delivers nutritious meals to individuals who are homebound and unable to shop for or prepare their own meals. These meals are prepared and delivered by community-based organizations in our non-profit network. 

    To apply, call DAS at (415) 355-6700.

    Congregate meals

    This program serve nutritious meals at community dining centers across the City. However, many of our community based partners are providing meals to go exclusively or as an option with a limited communal dining opportunity due to COVID-19.

    To find a meals site, view our complete list, or call DAS at (415) 355-6700 for details.

    Home-delivered groceries

    This program delivers food pantry groceries each week to low income older adults and adults with disabilities who have difficulty transporting groceries home due to limited mobility.  The supplemental groceries are delivered for free by the SF-Marin Food Bank or one of their partner organizations.  

    To apply, call DAS at 415-355-6700 or the SF-Marin Food Bank at (628) 272-8430

    Grocery bags for pick up

    Our partnership with the SF-Marin Food Bank provides fresh produce and other nutritious ingredients at dozens of free food pantries across the City.

    To enroll and find pickup locations near you, call the SF-Marin Food Bank at (628) 272-8430.


    Choosing Healthy Appetizing Meal Plan Solutions for Seniors (CHAMPSS) offers adults who are 60 years of age and older the opportunity to eat a healthy meal at designated restaurants. Our current restaurant partners are S & E Cafe, Phosure, and Henry's Hunan. There is a suggested contribution of $4.00 per meal.

    Learn more on the CHAMPSS website or call Self Help for the Elderly at (415) 677-7600 or the DAS at (415) 355-6700.

    CalFresh food assistance

    CalFresh provides low-income individuals and households with a special debit card to purchase food at grocery stores, farmers' markets, and other food outlets. 

    Call CalFresh (415) 558-4700  or DAS at  (415) 355-6700.