SPWG Service Providers Working Group

The SPWG is an advisory group to the Dignity Fund Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC)

The Dignity Fund Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC) has created a Service Providers Working Group (SPWG) to advise the OAC on funding priorities, policy development, the planning cycle, evaluation design and plans, and any other issues of concern to the Working Group related to the Dignity Fund or the responsibilities of the Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS). The SPWG engages a cross-section of service providers in providing information, education, and consultation to the OAC.

Membership in the SPWG is open to any organization currently and actively providing services to older adults, adults with disabilities, and caregivers. Meetings of the SPWG are open to the public.

The SPWG is led by two co-chairs, initially appointed by the OAC. Current Co-chairs of the SPWG are: 

  • Anni Chung - CEO, Self-Help for the Elderly, and
  • Ashley McCumber - CEO, Meals on Wheels San Francisco.
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