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JobsNOW! JobsNOW! for Employers

JobsNOW! supports local businesses by providing employment and training services to income-qualified residents and reimbursing your business when you hire program participants.

To promote economic recovery and assist those businesses struggling to retain employees due to the pandemic, we’ve recently made it easier for more San Franciscans to enroll in JobsNOW! and introduced new wage reimbursement options to meet the needs of businesses that are currently operating or working towards reopening. Come back stronger with resources to find the right job candidates and help from the City to pay wage expenses.

Reasons to hire through JobsNOW!  

  • 100% Wage reimbursement for the first three months and partial subsidy for the second three months
  • Access to our large pool of pre-screened job candidates
  • Advertisement of job openings
  • Skills testing in over 130 specific job-related skill areas
  • Employee recruitment analysis, consultation, and feedback
  • Tax credit Information

JobsNOW employer requirements – your business must:

  • Have a San Francisco business registration and Franchise Tax Board account
  • Comply with San Francisco labor laws, pay California payroll taxes
  • Intend to retain the employee once the subsidy period ends
  • Ensure subsidized wages are consistent with other employees doing the same work
  • Not subsidize an existing employee
  • Not practice favorable hiring for family
  • Eligible employee must be a San Francisco resident

Learn more and apply:

Become one of the over 500 Bay Area businesses to partner with JobsNOW! by calling our JobsNOW! Hotline (877) 562-1669 or emailing HSA.JobsNOW@sfgov.org.

Download our JobsNOW! flyer.