With JobsNOW!, you can find the right job candidates and get help paying their wages. 

JobsNOW! is committed to helping San Francisco businesses get back to work. Our program reimburses wages for employees hired through JobsNOW!, which means we’ll pay your employees’ full salaries up to $30 per hour – at no cost to you for the first three months. Over the second three months, you’ll receive a partial wage reimbursement. This flexible program means you can hire new staff or rehire staff.

In addition, you’ll receive access to a pre-screened pool of job applicants and receive advertising support for job openings. 

There are many reasons to hire through JobsNOW!, including:

  • As much as 100% wage reimbursement for the first three months and a partial subsidy for the next three months
  • Access to our large pool of pre-screened job candidates
  • Skills testing in over 130 specific, job-related skill areas
  • Advertisement of job openings
  • Employee recruitment analysis, consultation, and feedback
  • Tax credit information

Interested in participating? Your business must have a San Francisco business registration and Franchise Tax Board account, comply with San Francisco labor laws, and pay California payroll taxes.

Additionally, your business should:

  • Hire San Francisco residents to be eligible
  • Intend to retain the employee once the subsidy period ends
  • Ensure subsidized wages are consistent with other employees doing the same work
  • Not subsidize an existing employee
  • Not practice favorable hiring for family members

Act now to take advantage of expanded opportunities. Apply today!

Next Steps after applying

  1. Wait for an interview: An SFHSA business representative will contact you about your application (normally within 48 hours).
  2. Submit necessary paperwork: You will work with the City to provide certain pieces of information, such as proof of insurance, to gain access to program benefits. 
  3. Access your benefits: A business representative will help you access the City’s pool of job candidates, wage subsidies, and advertisement support.

Download our JobsNOW! flyer.

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