San Franciscos Files Lawsuit to Stop Trump Administration's Rule Restricting Access to Federal Aid for Immigrants


San Francisco – Earlier today, City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced that San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties are filling a lawsuit to stop the Trump administration from moving forward with a change to the so-called “public charge” rule, which would deny access to residency to immigrants if they receive federal assistance through various programs.

“This lawsuit is about protecting our residents and standing up against a policy that will have devastating effects on the well-being of many San Franciscans. We will continue to fight against any and all efforts to divide us because by targeting our diverse communities, the federal administration is attacking a fundamental aspect of who we are as a city.

This is bad policy that will lead to more homelessness and children going hungry. It is specifically designed to harm immigrants, who pay billions of dollars in taxes, in order to push a political agenda of divisiveness and intolerance. It is inhumane, and we are taking action to stop it.”


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