Starting on May 1, 2022, full-scope Medi-Cal benefits will be provided to all eligible individuals in California age 50 or older, regardless of immigration status. This includes primary, behavioral health, long-term, dental, and vision care. 

If you now receive restricted Medi-Cal benefits, you do not need to take immediate action or fill out an application.  You will be automatically transitioned to full-scope Medi-Cal in May 2022. You will then receive a packet on how to select a health care plan. Please fill it out and mail it to the address on the form. If you don’t choose a plan within 30 days, Medi-Cal will choose one for you.  

If you do not receive Medi-Cal and are age 50 or older, apply now

Medi-Cal information for immigrants

All California residents age 50 or older who meet the eligibility requirements can qualify to receive Medi-Cal, regardless of U.S. citizenship or immigration status. Receiving Medi-Cal will not make you a public charge. If you have questions about receiving public benefits and your immigration status, call the Bay Area Legal Aid Free Advice Hotline at (800) 551-5554.

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For questions about receiving Medi-Cal benefits, call us at (415) 558-4700 or visit our Service Center at 1235 Mission Street or 1440 Harrison Street.

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