Working with Us in Four Steps

All of our contracts and grants must be administered in accordance with Departmental, City, State, and Federal procurement and contracting policies, rules, and laws as well as industry best practices.

  1. Invitations to Bid:  How we solicit bids to work with us, and how you can find out about new invitations to bid. 
  2. Bid Evaluation:  How bids to work and get evaluated and scored. 
  3. Award of Contract or Grant:  How contracts and grants to work with us are awarded after bid evaluation is complete. 
  4. Implementation of Contract or Grant: How contracts and grants are modified, renewed, monitored, and implemented.

Office of Contract Management (OCM)

OCM oversees the development and management of contracts and grants for SFHSA. Contact OCM for information about this process or about a specific opportunity at (415) 557-5140.

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