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Accessibility Standards and Guidelines

The City and County of San Francisco recognizes its obligation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability civil rights laws to provide equal access to all City and County programs and activities. As a result the Mayor’s Office on Disability and the Mayor's Disability Council endorsed Web accessibility legislation submitted by the Department of Technology (DT) to ensure that each of the City Web sites is accessible to persons with disabilities.

At the core of the DT Web Accessibility standards is the adoption of the US Federal Access Board’s Section 508 guidelines.

Why is Accessibility Important

  1. Approximately 20% of the US population requires some form of assistive technology to browse online content
  2. The US Federal Access Board requires all government sites, including City and County of San Francisco websites to be compliant with Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines
  3. Compliance with Section 508 Guidelines will allow users with disabilities, using assistive technology, equal access to online content