SF Connected Program

SF Connected is a City and County of San Francisco program that provides free computer tutoring and support to older adults and adults with disabilities.

SF Connected offers free digital literacy classes in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese to older adults and adults with disabilities with the objective of helping these populations understand how broadband access will be useful to them in their daily lives. In addition to basic computer and internet skills, the program provides social media tools to help individuals overcome social isolation, access resources for healthy aging, slow the progress of cognitive impairment, and learn skills to manage personal finances or increase income.

San Francisco was the recipient of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act federal grant under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) to promote the use of broadband technologies, and to bridge the digital divide for San Francisco's underserved communities. The Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) oversaw the portion of the grant intended to stimulate digital literacy and usage of broadband services by older adults and adults with disabilities. The grant ended in September 2013, but with support from the Mayor and Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco, the program – now called SF Connected – has continued. SF Connected is a partnership between DAS and 24 community-based organizations that provides computer access, training, and support for older adults and adults with disabilities. 

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SF Connected Locations

The SF Connected program has over 50 computer labs located at public sites throughout San Francisco.

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SF Connected Class Schedule

Interested in taking a class? Learn more about SF Connected classes and view a schedule to find one near you.

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Please contact us if you have questions or would like additional information

Phone: (415) 355-3555
Email: SFConnected@sfgov.org

Main Office: 1650 Mission Street, 5th Floor. 
For walk-in services, please visit the DAAS Benefits and Resources Hub located at 2 Gough Street.