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Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)

P-EBT is a food benefit that was available to eligible students while schools were closed in 2020, from March to June and August to September. See below for updates to P-EBT and current food assistance programs for school-age children.  (中文 | Español | русский | Tiếng Việt | Filipino )

P-EBT Update

If your child received P-EBT for March through June 2020, they will get a benefit extension for August and September. The state will issue the extended benefit beginning mid-October through December 2020. Please check back for more details on the extension. 

Note: P-EBT recipients who have graduated or completed instruction will not receive the extended benefit.

Need help with your P-EBT card?

Contact the HSA helpline at (855) 355-5757 during business hours for assistance with: 

  • Benefit balance
  • PIN change
  • Change of address or date of birth
  • Lost or stolen card

Frequently asked questions

1. The deadline for applying for P-EBT passed on July 15. Will P-EBT be offered again?
No.  P-EBT was a one-time emergency benefit while schools were closed due to COVID-19 from March through June 2020. However, those who did receive P-EBT will receive a benefit extension for August and September. Note: Students who graduated or completed instruction after June 2020 are not eligible for the extension. 

2. Can I use a P-EBT card to withdraw cash from an ATM?
No. A P-EBT card can only be used to purchase food in most grocery stores and farmer's markets. You can also use your P-EBT card to buy groceries online for delivery from Amazon or pick-up from Walmart. Unfortunately, your P-EBT card may not be used for restaurant meals or fast food.

3. How do I use my P-EBT card?
Use your P-EBT card at most grocery stores and farmer's markets like a debit card:

  • Select "EBT"
  • Swipe the card
  • Enter your private PIN number

4. How long do I have to spend my P-EBT benefits?
You can use your P-EBT benefits for one year starting on the date you receive your P-EBT card.

5. How can I apply for the free and reduced-price meals program for the current school year? 
Visit the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) website to apply now for the 2020-2021 school year. 

6. How do we get free or reduced-price meals for my children while schools are still closed? 
Grab & Go Meals are available for SFUSD students while schools are closed. Every Wednesday, a bag of five-days' worth of meals (including breakfast, lunch, supper, fresh fruits and vegetables, and milk) is available for each students. Adults can continue to pick-up meals for children. Learn more about the program and pick-up locations

7. If I get P-EBT benefits, will it make me a public charge?
No. P-EBT is based on a family's eligibility for their child's free or reduced-price meal. Immigration officials do NOT consider free or reduced school meals, P-EBT, or other emergency benefits for public charge purposes.

8. If my eligibility was not approved, can I appeal the decision?
The deadline to submit an appeal was August 17, 2020. It can take up to one month to receive notification of the state’s decision.

9. What if I still have questions about P-EBT eligibility?
Call the HSA helpline (855) 355-5757. We'll forward all eligibility questions to the state.  

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