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JobsNOW! provides job opportunities to participants in our benefit programs, foster youth, and transitional age youth, regardless of work experience, education, or job skills.

Through partnerships with nonprofit and private employers, City departments, and community based organizations, JobsNOW! provides employment opportunities and training services for participants in one of our benefit programs, such as CalWORKs and County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP). JobsNOW! programs and services may also be available to select adults on CalFresh as well as youth transitioning out of foster care. Through its variety of job match programs and paid internship opportunities, the JobsNOW! program is designed to help any job seeker, regardless of their work experience, education, or job skills.

JobsNOW! uses a subsidized employment model as a main strategy to move job seekers into permanent positions, and we also work to develop unsubsidized job opportunities by offering valuable business services that attract employers from a variety of industries. Our contracts for case management and training also help ensure a participant's retention and success after the completion of the program.  

Program Outcomes

Our JobsNOW! program model has received state-wide and national recognition for its proven track record of helping participants find and maintain employment.  Some of our program outcomes are highlighted below:

  • Over 20,000 job placements since the program began in 2009
  • 120% increase in average earnings after participants exit the program.
  • 87% of CalWORKs and County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP) participants no longer needed cash assistance two and a half years after exiting the JobsNOW! program. 

More information for job seekers and employers

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JobsNOW! Programs for Job Seekers

JobsNOW! offers additional education, training, and employment services through our job matching and paid internship programs to help job seekers at all levels.

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JobsNOW! Employer Nomiku

JobsNOW! Employers

More information for employers interested in hiring eligible San Francisco job seekers through the JobsNOW! wage subsidy program.

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Job seekers and interested employers can find more information by visiting one of our Workforce Development Centers or calling the JobsNOW! hotline at (877) JOB1NOW (877-562-1669)