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Connection + Community

We can help you stay connected with your community through activity groups, training workshops, and companion programs.

Community Centers

Senior woman shooting pool

Adult Learning and Activities at Community and Senior Centers

Meet people and have fun participating in a class, a day trip or social event.

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Woman with two senior women

Alzheimer Day Care Resource Centers

At our Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Centers, we offer programs for individuals with dementia as well as support for their families.

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A group of senior women smile for a picture.

Adult Day Programs

Adult Day Programs provide a variety of social activities and support services for people requiring support with daily living tasks, and also provide respite to their caregivers.

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Other Community Connections

Older and younger generations create art together

Intergenerational Programs

Intergenerational Programs give older people and adults with disabilities the opportunity to interact with youth and be recognized as valued members of the community.

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Older adult learning computer skills

SF Connected

SF Connected is a City and County of San Francisco program that provides free computer tutoring and support to older adults and adults with disabilities.

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Women playing bingo

Senior Companion

The Senior Companion program provides volunteer service opportunities for eligble seniors.

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Older Adults at Community Center

Village Programs

A membership organization providing programs and services that allow people to age in their own homes while leading active and engaging lives.

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