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Medi-Cal Renew Your Medi-Cal Coverage

Your Medi-Cal coverage must be renewed each year. We will try to renew your coverage automatically by verifying existing information. If we can’t verify your information, we’ll send you a renewal form to complete and submit using one of the following:  

After reviewing your information, we will send you a notice to confirm your renewal and notify you of any changes.

Avoid interruption of coverage

If we send you a renewal form and you do not return it on time, you will lose your Medi-Cal coverage. You'll then have 90 days to contact us to regain coverage.

You also need to notify us within 10 days of:

Changes related to:

  • Home or mailing address
  • Citizenship or immigration status
  • Household occupants including newborns, relatives, non-relatives, foster children, and those entering a nursing home or a long-term care facility

Financial changes related to:

  • Income or job status
  • Personal property (if required by the Medi-Cal program you are enrolled in)
  • Application for disability benefits with the SSA, Veterans Administration, Railroad Retirement, or Workers' Compensation

Health changes related to:

  • Health including a physical or mental disability
  • Private Health insurance coverage or new Medicare recipient