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Medi-Cal Renew Your Medi-Cal Coverage


Normally, your Medi-Cal coverage must be renewed each year. We will try to renew your coverage automatically by verifying existing information. If we can’t verify your information, we’ll send you a renewal form to complete and submit.

Due to COVID-19, your Medi-Cal benefits will continue without interruption until further notice, regardless of changed circumstances. NOTE: Your renewal packets can still be submitted, but you will not lose benefits for failing to submit it during this time period. You can renew your benefit in one of the following ways: 

After reviewing your information, we will send you a notice to confirm your renewal and notify you of any changes.

COVID-19 Update: Due to COVID-19, all Medi-Cal renewals will be suspended for 90 days starting from March, April, and May.

Avoid interruption of coverage

You also need to notify us within 10 days of:

Changes related to:

  • Home or mailing address
  • Citizenship or immigration status
  • Household occupants including newborns, relatives, non-relatives, foster children, and those entering a nursing home or a long-term care facility

Financial changes related to:

  • Income or job status
  • Personal property (if required by the Medi-Cal program you are enrolled in)
  • Application for disability benefits with the SSA, Veterans Administration, Railroad Retirement, or Workers' Compensation

Health changes related to:

  • Health including a physical or mental disability
  • Private Health insurance coverage or new Medicare recipient