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During the pandemic, Medi-Cal continued your coverage without requiring an annual renewal. Starting in April 2023, Medi-Cal will once again determine eligibility each yearView videos:  English | Español | 中文. 

Steps to renew your Medi-Cal coverage

  1. Wait for us to contact you about renewing your coverage:  We will try to renew your Medi-Cal without requiring you to fill out a renewal form. If we succeed, you’ll get a notice confirming your Medi-Cal has been renewed for another year. If we don’t succeed, you will get a renewal packet in the mail.
  2. Update your information: If you have moved since March 2020 and are not sure we have your updated address, please call (855) 355-5757. Otherwise, you may not receive your renewal packet or renewal letter and could lose your Medi-Cal. See flyer: English | Español | 中文 | Filipino | Tiếng Việt | Русский.
  3. If you receive a renewal packet in the mail: Complete and return the form in the packet and the requested verifications by the due date mentioned in the letter. Call (855) 355-5757 with any questions.
  4. Ways to submit updated contact information and requested verifications:

What if you missed the deadline?
You will have 90 days after your discontinuance to submit the renewal form and income verification documents without having to reapply. After that, a new application for Medi-Cal may be needed.

Why you might not receive the renewal form

  • We were able to renew you: We’ll send you a confirmation notice rather than the form.
  • It's not your turn to renew yet: Renewal dates are based on the date you originally applied for Medi-Cal. For example, if you applied in October, your renewal will be due in September.
  • We don't have your correct address: To update your address, call us at (855) 355-5757.

If you no longer qualify for Medi-Cal
We can help you find other health coverage so there is no gap in your medical care. Our goal is to ensure everyone has health care coverage.

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